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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just us gals....

I guess today is just one of those days when things don't go the way you want it to. No... it's not going the wrong way... it's just not going the right way... hahahaha (don't think I'm making sense here!!!! ...nevermind ... it's just me, must be the hormones playing up with my temperaments ... again....*sigh*

Anyway... just got back from JB. Been away since Wednesday. It's now the school hols and my Ira is on semester break too. It has been a long time since we went anywhere for the hols... so we, the three generations of females (my mom, my two girls and I) decided to take the trip down south to meet up with my eldest girl working in JB. It was a long leisurely drive down the highway, with many many many pit-stops at almost all the R&Rs along the way. Hey... it's a 50-year old woman driving ok??? The 3-hour drive became 5hrs ....I think... hahaha. Anyway... the mood was slightly spoiled half way through when Ira suddenly realised she left her handbag (and everything else in it, of course) at home!!! ... so here you see a sullen looking Ira (cursing herself, I can bet!). For the next few days, my Ira was more like an illegal immigrant with NO documents on her hahaha. Anyway... fortunately, the sullen mood didn't last long. By the time we arrived in JB... things were back to normal haha

Syukrina is with the Hotel Grand Paragon... so we had the privileged pleasure to be accomodated at "her" hotel. We checked into a deluxe room with 2 huge spacious twin beds (slightly smaller than a queen-sized bed) .. so nobody was kicking anybody here... there was still ample space in between bodies hehe. Anyway... the room was COLD... and I hate cold!!! It had a central air-cond system... so I couldn't adjust the temperature... but thank God I brought along a pair of long socks to sleep in hahaha. You see... mua here ain't got enough blubber to insulate her from the cold muahahahaha...

So... what did we do in JB? Hehe... nothing much... the girls went shopping for their stuffs... Aida got herself an mp5, Ira got a new phone (apparently those items are cheaper here in JB).. and I just tagged along and kept their stomachs full hahaha. My momma? Nay... she didn't do anything... her idea of a holiday is to have a complete rest in bed and go have a good excellent chow!!!! Yup! That's what she did... hahaha. See, there's my momma, Syukrina and Aida waiting for food to be served at some seafood eatery that Syukrina took us to... oh btw.... food was good and relatively cheaper too :)

Actually, our hols was just a break from our daily mundane life... but it was good when the three generations of females could spend some time together... albeit just a short one, but it was good enough.... and now... I have to get back to my studio.... or perhaps... maybe not yet... muahahahaha


Ana Rashid said...

Sis dearie, when did a holiday ever meant anything else than taking a break from our daily mundane life???

Going away on packed tours ain't a holiday, baby!

Nora's Touch said...

hehehe yup!yup!yup! but it's kind of lame... to travel all d way down... and do nothing hahahaha

how r u dear... keep on saying thid... but when can we ever meet up huh???

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