This other blog (see link below) was created to display my decorative items for sale. However as time passes by, the time to paint for sale just eluded me

No special reason as to why I still have this blog... maybe it's just to remind me..... that's where and how I started to be where I am now :)

All items shown are hand-painted personally by yours truly... but now I focus on commissioned jobs. So, I do take orders... but the queue is long... sorry :( .... but if you are willing to wait in the queue... I'm more than obliged to paint for you..... It would be an honour!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

mama hen baby chicks ...

Last post ... September 19 ... been quiet since then. No excuses this time ... it's the same old same old excuses ALL the time lol 

This is most likely the last post for the year. It has been a great year in terms of my painting. I was challenged to paint beyond my own expectations. Wouldn't have even bothered to try them had I not been commissioned to paint them. Anyway ... here's to many more great painting years ahead ... amen

Enough talk! Let's start showing off ... lol ... my favourite pastime hobby!!! I always get stressed out when asked to paint the avian family. Many many many efforts to get the hen n chicks look fluffy n cute! Quite happy with this one though ... but could have done better, I think. Next one maybe??

mama hen n her baby chicks :)

Anyway, I find it easier to post my works in Facebook (why? no write-ups required lol)... so if you are already a friend, please go view my albums there ya :) . If you are not but wishes to be .. then seek me at Norana Ghazali :)

Have a great day people ... and oh! Happy New Year !!!!

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