This other blog (see link below) was created to display my decorative items for sale. However as time passes by, the time to paint for sale just eluded me

No special reason as to why I still have this blog... maybe it's just to remind me..... that's where and how I started to be where I am now :)

All items shown are hand-painted personally by yours truly... but now I focus on commissioned jobs. So, I do take orders... but the queue is long... sorry :( .... but if you are willing to wait in the queue... I'm more than obliged to paint for you..... It would be an honour!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Green Set :)

Olive green? A rather unique colour on furniture I should say... and I was given the task to decorate it... and paint away I did hehe. On it I have salmon-coloured roses and blossoms ... didn't think I should put in too many colours. Will try with other shades later... as I do have more cabinets to paint... so keep on dropping by to view yes?

Showing here are the 2 sides of the cabinet ... painted freehand... thus the reason why my paintings can never be symmetrical. I believe nothing is exactly the same in nature. Only prints can be 100% similar... and that would then not look natural anymore if one has everything the same around the house... hmmmm

The top and bottoms halves of the cabinet door. Had to climb on the stool and twist my head and hand to paint the top haa. Couldn't lay the cabinet flat on the floor... too heavy to handle by myself. Doing the painting alone at home....

Next are pics of the plactic bag dispenser to match. Same motives painted all round. I went crazy with the roses and blooms here... filling up the space... hehe.

And finally the last to complete this set... is a kitchen towel holder. At the end of the day... I think I'm happy and satisfied with my work. My legs are aching though muahahaha.... having to stand whilst painting... keep on forgetting age is a factor to be reckoned with!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Current project...

It's mine... mine... mine muahahahahaha

I do think I deserve to treat myself... and so here is my current on-going project... as and when the mood takes me there i.e. .... hahaha. I have this fridge that lasted me 13 years until finally it decided to retire and expire.

I managed to coax dear hubby to get a new one to replace good-old faithful... but of course I have my reason for that... hey... I don't let things go to waste. You see, since I'd developed an interest in gardening... I'd accumulated a fair bit of tools and knick-knacks ... and I don't have the storage space to hide the mess. So... this is a very timely demise of my fridge... I'd converted it into a gardener's "shack" hahaha ... ain't I clever???? *clap*clap*clap* ... thank you thank you thank you... muahahahaha... anyway... the painting has just begun... but the ideas have vanished into thin air as I'd to stop and focus on other paintings... but I shall get back to it... so stay tuned ya hehe

Just completed :)

Latest ... completed just about 9am this morning... yet to be varnished though. Met Ita and her husband Tarmizi (introduced by Zaitun) and was commissioned by them to paint roses on a dining table. Nice couple this pair... compliments each other's skills and talents... and making their hobby their current vocation. They own a one-stop home centre I should say.... anything from heavy furniture making to the interior finishings and furnishings... a real saliva-drooling experience to go through their shop hahaha...

Will show you the various angles taken of the table top. Here you see the overall top view of the table. Only the top was brought to me... and I had it put over my coffee table in my lounge. As it was huge... I had to climb over and sit on it as I paint haha... slightly better if I'd put it on the floor. I'd guarantee you I will need a back massage ... muahahahaha... bending over to paint on the floor takes a heavy toll on my back *sigh*

Here are the two ends of the table. As I draw and paint roses freehand... no two paintings can be the same. Even if I were to trace out the design... I'd still not get them exactly the same. My biggest fear is when a customer asks me to duplicate and replicate a certain design... I can never do it!!!!

And finally the centre piece. The roses here are bigger as compared to the ones at the ends of the table. Thank God I had the insight to get myself a 3/4" angular brush way back in 2006 (though I did hesitate to buy it then... was wondering when on earth would I be using such a huge brush???!!!!) Hmm... grandma always said to trust your instincts... I'm glad I did. It sure made my work easier here :)

Also painted the caddy to match the table. One can use it as a cutlery holder ... and this would certainly complement the dining table. Don't you think so??? ... hehehe... I certainly do.

So... that's the dining set to show-off... unfortunately... it's not mine :(

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Phew.... finally...

Finally finished.... but unvarnished!!!... hehe... as usual. Just three boxes but it took me a long time to complete for lack of ideas. Simply no inspiration. Roslan requested them as samples....and he had to wait oh... maybe 3 or 4 weeeks? Didn't take me long to complete them once started... but to START was THE problem ... muahahahaha. Hehe... sorry Roslan. Anyway, here I have three different boxes of differing shapes and sizes ... I sure hope it's up to his expectations.... will know tomorrow when he comes to collect :)

Just a small box, great as a door gift... sorry the pic isn't clear. No fault of the camera though... probably I focussed it too close.... haven't the skills of a photographer hehe. Probably the reason why I need a user friendly camera... focus and click away haha.... no problemo. Haha inspite of that... this pic is not clear... hmmmm... wonder why????

Next is a book box. Painted pink roses with filler flowers and blue ribbons. Notice that it's without hinges yet?... well that's because it finished but unvarnished. I have all hinges fixed only after varnishing. (I was "trained" to remove all hinges an screws before base coating, so it has become a habit) Anyway...this too would make a great gift box... for assessories, chocolates, candies...wtv

Finally.... another box but with 2 compartments on the inside, simply painted with pastel roses and scrolls on the cover and the front of box. Nothing fancy here... but I like it... gives it a touch of elegance... (if I may say so...ahem...hahaha)

So that's it for now... next will be a post on more plaques. Will do that later... currently having problems to upload the pics..... very very very slow!!!!... hitting my nerves!!!! aarrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

P/S: took me 2 hours to upload the pics!!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Some to show :)

Well before I left for JB... I did do some paintings... as usual none for myself *sigh*

Painted roses and ribbons on a pair of drawers for Lizana. I'm happy with the outcome... I hope she is too. Anyway... the drawers are back with her in her home :)

Also managed to complete Marina's galvanised iron storage bin to match the pedal bin that I'd done previously. Currently I'm painting her a pair of stools to match the current theme of soft pastel flowers on a soft white background.

And for kak Nomi, I had olives painted on a tea-pot shaped kitchen towel holder. It was a design I copied from a serviette... hehehe... had fun with that. In fact I made a pair... one for her and the other for sale... off to my sales blog soon, but only after she's made her choice though, for I painted them on different background colours....

I have a few smaller items painted on plaques of various shapes and sizes. Will show them later... but for now... that's it! Need to get back into the groove... know what I mean? *sigh*sigh* and more *sighs*

Just us gals....

I guess today is just one of those days when things don't go the way you want it to. No... it's not going the wrong way... it's just not going the right way... hahahaha (don't think I'm making sense here!!!! ...nevermind ... it's just me, must be the hormones playing up with my temperaments ... again....*sigh*

Anyway... just got back from JB. Been away since Wednesday. It's now the school hols and my Ira is on semester break too. It has been a long time since we went anywhere for the hols... so we, the three generations of females (my mom, my two girls and I) decided to take the trip down south to meet up with my eldest girl working in JB. It was a long leisurely drive down the highway, with many many many pit-stops at almost all the R&Rs along the way. Hey... it's a 50-year old woman driving ok??? The 3-hour drive became 5hrs ....I think... hahaha. Anyway... the mood was slightly spoiled half way through when Ira suddenly realised she left her handbag (and everything else in it, of course) at home!!! ... so here you see a sullen looking Ira (cursing herself, I can bet!). For the next few days, my Ira was more like an illegal immigrant with NO documents on her hahaha. Anyway... fortunately, the sullen mood didn't last long. By the time we arrived in JB... things were back to normal haha

Syukrina is with the Hotel Grand Paragon... so we had the privileged pleasure to be accomodated at "her" hotel. We checked into a deluxe room with 2 huge spacious twin beds (slightly smaller than a queen-sized bed) .. so nobody was kicking anybody here... there was still ample space in between bodies hehe. Anyway... the room was COLD... and I hate cold!!! It had a central air-cond system... so I couldn't adjust the temperature... but thank God I brought along a pair of long socks to sleep in hahaha. You see... mua here ain't got enough blubber to insulate her from the cold muahahahaha...

So... what did we do in JB? Hehe... nothing much... the girls went shopping for their stuffs... Aida got herself an mp5, Ira got a new phone (apparently those items are cheaper here in JB).. and I just tagged along and kept their stomachs full hahaha. My momma? Nay... she didn't do anything... her idea of a holiday is to have a complete rest in bed and go have a good excellent chow!!!! Yup! That's what she did... hahaha. See, there's my momma, Syukrina and Aida waiting for food to be served at some seafood eatery that Syukrina took us to... oh btw.... food was good and relatively cheaper too :)

Actually, our hols was just a break from our daily mundane life... but it was good when the three generations of females could spend some time together... albeit just a short one, but it was good enough.... and now... I have to get back to my studio.... or perhaps... maybe not yet... muahahahaha
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