This other blog (see link below) was created to display my decorative items for sale. However as time passes by, the time to paint for sale just eluded me

No special reason as to why I still have this blog... maybe it's just to remind me..... that's where and how I started to be where I am now :)

All items shown are hand-painted personally by yours truly... but now I focus on commissioned jobs. So, I do take orders... but the queue is long... sorry :( .... but if you are willing to wait in the queue... I'm more than obliged to paint for you..... It would be an honour!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Alhamdulillah...we did it...

Last Friday, Zaitun and I (Aniza, unfortunately could not join us due to prior commitments), went to Utusan Publications to collect our book. Though excited to the max...we took our time to go there. Took our time with breakfast and had a slow (by my standards...hahaha) leisurely drive to Taman Shamelin where Utusan Publications is located. For once the steps up to the Nora's office felt so steep hahaha...

Anyway, the feeling I felt when I laid my eyes and hands onto our book was beyond description. Kind of like the feeling you have after going through a hard labour with your first child... to see a book with my name printed on it is like really really unbelievable!!!! (Well...I had one other book with my name on the front cover... but that was my thesis... a compulsory requirement to complete my degree with honours!! That's a very different kind of sigh of relief hahaha...) Anyway....needless to say both Zaitun and I were beaming and grinning like excited teens on their first date hahaha... yup!yup!yup! least I did ;) That's our book there...bright aqua blue...something bright enough that you can't miss it on the shelves yup!yup!yup!
We have nine projects to show off...three from each of us. Something for all...from the beginners to the intermediate and those who need to refresh. The first few chapters are a must to read to acquaint yourself with the tricks of the craft if you are new to it or have left your brushes to rest too long!!! For RM36 I should say this is a real bargain!!! Anyway... you have a look-see and tell us your thoughts, opinions, comments...wtv. It would help us to make our second book a better one, InsyaAllah...God Willing! To all decorative painting lovers...this is for you. Have a great day y'all... oh btw...did I mention we have a translated BM version on the go? Well... that would be out soon too...

Painting on furniture

Completed a few items on on a metal tray with stand and another on a wall shelf. Painted roses on them...I kind of liked the way the roses turned out ;) I very seldom draw huge roses... but that must have been my "rose day" as I call it...a day when my roses turned out as I wish 'em hahaha

I also painted topiaries on a wooden bin with a swivel top. Kind of liked this one too... the top I painted with ivy leaves and ribbons... drew different topiary tops on all four sides...
The pictures are not clear tho'...don't know what's wrong with the camera. I mean how difficult can it be when you have a digital camera and all you have to do is just click the button.... right???... definitely it's the camera hmmmm.... muahahahaha

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I have an announcement to make...received good ...very good news yesterday...OUR BOOK...AMAZE YOURSELF WITH STUNNING PROJECTS...IS FINALLY OUT. YAY!!!! So lovers of decorative painting...please be on the look-out...

Hehe.... that's all I can say for now...get back to this later. My mind is soooo full with excitement that I'm actually lost for words....oh's only RM36/=...very affordable yes???

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Always just be yourself... grandma said... not a good day. Spent all of daylight hours from 11am - 7.00pm painting a style not my own. I have a free painting style is free and loose with a mingling of colours here, there and everywhere. Unfortunately today...I was requested to paint a very controlled style...controlled design with controlled colours and controlled size and shape....*sigh* and double *sigh**sigh* not me. Even my daughter (who patiently accompanied me ...bless my darling) ... could see the difference in style and commented that it's so not me!!! Oh well... the customer is always right...and I should be thankful that I still got paid for it inspite of everything... but it was not with a good feeling.... first time completing a task without the sense of satisfaction :(

Sunday, May 11, 2008

More to show off hehe...

Just a few more to show off... so stay on a little while longer k... these are paintings different from what I'm usually commissioned to do.

The first is a girl-bear commisioned by Aunty Faridah for her grand-daughter. This I copied from Tina Hardy Nelson's work published in the Australian Folk Art magazine...(which issue?? hehehe don't ask...can't remember la...) with minor changes here and there. I quite like this piece. It's painted on a bookstand.

The roses on the stool are nothing new...but just to show that I tried Spice (a discontinued background colour from Jo Sonja's range) and the overall effect turned out to be quite pleasant. It just shows that one does not need to fear but be more adventurous with one's choice of colours need not just stick to the same lolly-polly ones!!

This last...yup! the last one for now hahaha... is currently my favourite. Somehow I just love the feel of the scenery. I can feel myself sitting on the chair in the garden overlooking the sea. Again this is not an's a design from Ros favourite artist...this I paint for this, I bid you a good day....tata

Birdies' berg

Since early last month, I'd spend about 3-4 hrs in the afternoon at Zaitun's place painting on the birdhouses. Had so much fun trying to create a 'story' on those houses....I sincerely hope the owner likes them as much as I enjoyed painting them. There is always this nagging fear that the owner will not be as estatic as I am on the finished product. Everytime the item is collected, I'd become very anxious and stressed out. It's like taking your results after the exam... honestly...I don't like that feeling. Anyway...have a look-see. You be the judge here k? I completed 2 birdhouses ... and here I show off all the 4 sides of each house...

The first is a garden scenery based on Ros Stallcup's free style. The second is a more organised one ...painted to look like a real with laced curtains, canopy and window boxes with flowers, a front door with inviting steps and a well-cared garden with potted topiaries to complete. I quite enjoy creating this one...but again the fear is always there...would this be accepted??? to learn to get rid of this feeling!!! Any ideas how anybody? The customer is always right so they say... and THAT does not make me feel any better :(

Anyway...the next 4 are pics of the other birdhouse... you tell me... *sigh*

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I made new friends today...

I woke my darling baby up early today... "It's a Saturday ma!!" was her reply.'s in a vibrant mood, so she ignored the tone of protest in her baby's voice......"Yup! It's wake up! We are going to Aunty Aniza's!!!"

It's a special day. Aniza had arranged a gathering of her decorative artist students and friends at her place. We were to meet at her place anytime between 10.00am - 1.00pm. Me?...oooohhh I was there by 9.30am hahaha. By 10.00am her guests started streaming in....and I was introduced to them all. Some of whom I'd met and known before but most of whom I'd known only by name! Finally today, I could put a face to every name that Aniza had ever mentioned...errr ladies, don't's always a good word from Aniza...telling me of her admiration for your works, etc ;) Unfortunately... I must confess...I've a very very very poor memory for names!!! Faces I can remember...but names...*sigh* It's such an embarassing disease!!! if ever I misplace your name somewhere in my grey matter...please do forgive me! I do wish I could show you pics of us all at Aniza's...but I lose the right to use the camera to my son who had taken it with him to PD yesterday....but I'm sure Aniza's blog will have us there... ;)

So...all that aside...what have I been doing all these while??? My!My!My!...painting of course...hehehe...what else??? Yup!Yup!Yup! I've been busy with classes and painting for my clients and friends. And so...muahahahaha...this post...and the next... will be a showcase of my current accomplishments hehe ...though not necessarily in chronological order...(again blame my memory here hahaha)...

I've been asked to paint items on enamel and tinware recently. It's been a long time since I'd painted on such surfaces. They'd never been my favourite because of the tedious preparation prior to painting. Fortunately I've Aniza and Zaitun to consult... and consultation means...what's the short cut la??? I'm not a sucker for rules here...and if by bending and creating new ones works just as well...hey...why not, right?...and that's exactly what I did... muahahaha. The big cylindrical bin and the enamel mugs were the testimony of my success hahaha. I had a wee bit trouble with the big bin initially...but nah...small matter haha

Apart from the metallic surfaces, I also tried painting on a straw hat...gave that hat as a birthday gift to kak Maznah...she's a gorgeous lady who really really appreciates art. Her house is the envy of many...especially yours truly here...hmmmphhh...every nook and corner is worth a stop to admire!!! ....even her washroom is worth spending an extra minute or two...or maybe even more...hahaha
Anyway...I'd done a few other projects on wood but that's nothing new...painted them with roses and hydrangeas...the usual stuff. Nothing fancy to show off here muahahaha...However, I do so want to show off the birdhouses that I'd painted. Spent almost every Tuesday afternoon since last month at Zaitun's painting them. Will show them off later k... till our next post...tata
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