This other blog (see link below) was created to display my decorative items for sale. However as time passes by, the time to paint for sale just eluded me

No special reason as to why I still have this blog... maybe it's just to remind me..... that's where and how I started to be where I am now :)

All items shown are hand-painted personally by yours truly... but now I focus on commissioned jobs. So, I do take orders... but the queue is long... sorry :( .... but if you are willing to wait in the queue... I'm more than obliged to paint for you..... It would be an honour!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

solo wkshop #4 - just roses

Another small group... but it was worth it. With these small groups I gained experience on how to teach roses within the stipulated period. Alhamdulillah...with these four beautiful ladies (3 of whom were really really really really inexperienced as in had never touched a brush let alone done a stroke of any sort!) ... I learned to deal with time and techniques to ensure that all could complete their project in time ... and this time, I had 20mins to spare :)

Well ladies, I hope you enjoyed the experience. Yes... it's not that easy ... but yeah! it's not impossible either ...right? It goes to show that, all that is needed is passion and perseverance ... and of course practice!!! (that goes without saying!!!) Thank you ladies ... for making me believe that nothing is impossible if you put your heart to it :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Kak Masnah's table ....

Alright ... ok ... it's done! It wasn't difficult when painting in the objects in the subject matter ... but it was stressful to make it look realistic! Another futile attempt at Trompe l'oeil. Pls take note that I have no formal training in this form of art, what I read and what I @think@ is right is what you see here hahahaha .... literally this is just painting from the heart :)) ... books are not enough for me... I need to see the masters do it :(

So finally ... it's done... and it's going to it's rightful owner later this afternoon *sigh of relief*

Monday, July 4, 2011

4 JULY 2011

It is Zaiton's b'day today ... and friends gathered at the House of Hazienda to celebrate this auspicious day with her. The tea setting was just beautiful... fit for a lady as pretty as Zaiton. Of course the food was just scrumptious... and I'm glad I went with an empty stomach hehehehe

Earlier in the day, my hormones played up with my moods (yup!just blame the hormones!!!) but all that changed the moment I stepped into the House of Hazienda. The ambience coupled with the presence of our lovely friends perked me up :) ... thank you all

But what really made my day was the fact that we, the Golden Girls, really let our hair down. Had so much fun playing the games and participating in the quirky competitions haha ... and I won TWO of them! Third place for creative nail painting ... to paint 5 fingernails within 2 mins and the other was for the catwalk ... haha .... yup!yup!yup! I came out tops ...*lalalalalala

Oh well... it was a good whilst it lasted ... and now I'm back home ... back to mundane duties and responsibilities *sigh*

Have a great week people ... once in a while do be a sport and allow yourself to just let go and be crazy :))

p/s : photos will come later ya ...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just Roses --- solo workshop #3

I had just completed another solo workshop at my home studio but just an hour ago. It was a small group consisting of students of various levels. Ina was there to refreshen her skills, Lidya is an intermediate student but had left her brushes to rest for a very long time. Ann is an absolute beginner with no experience but equipped with love and passion for decorative painting. Today's workshop is a test on my teaching skills too.

I had always declined to teach roses to absolute beginners. I want them to be the master of their brush and be able to handle all the various strokes involved in decorative painting but then I thought why not this time. Hence, the first of such workshops began for me today ... and Alhamdulillah ... I made it!!! They all finished at the stipulated time ... I'm mighty proud of my students :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kosmo, Fri 1 July 2011 ... we're there :)

Hey hey hey ... it's us in the news again! The pictures speak for themselves ya... I'm actually lost for words but felt that I do need to boost my ego a wee bit today ... hehehe ...uhhh no! MUAHAHAHAHAHA is more like it ....

The interview was done in mid May at my place, and a week later at Zaitun's place together with her students as she was conducting her class with them ... and after a while I'd forgotten of it's existence ... so that's it for now from a stiff-fingered blogger :(

Have a great weekend :)
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