This other blog (see link below) was created to display my decorative items for sale. However as time passes by, the time to paint for sale just eluded me

No special reason as to why I still have this blog... maybe it's just to remind me..... that's where and how I started to be where I am now :)

All items shown are hand-painted personally by yours truly... but now I focus on commissioned jobs. So, I do take orders... but the queue is long... sorry :( .... but if you are willing to wait in the queue... I'm more than obliged to paint for you..... It would be an honour!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Salmi's Topiary

Topiary painted on canvas for Salmi .... it's not often that I get to paint on canvas ... but this felt good. It made feel like a real artist hahaha ... wish I have an easel to place the canvas on whilst I paint....

That's it for this post... it's 5am ... the brain is still asleep hehe

Have a great day y'all ...


Anonymous said...

u r a real artist aren't u? beautiful work! so nice to see our hands can create beautiful pieces. oops i mean ur hands..mine aren't aesthethic

Salmi said...

marbeles !

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