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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Meet my babies

I have 4+1 beautiful people in my life. They inspire me to persevere and go on when the going gets tough. Why 4+1?... that's because 4 are my own and 1 that I consider as part of us. He's like another son to me. I love them all.

My 3 beautiful girls. Syakirah on the far left, Syukrina and Syuhaidah.

Syakirah is 18. She's now in UiTM Penang doing Tourism Management. A highly talkative and bubbly young lady, she's my third child. Her being away in Penang is surely felt for her absence has left the house real quiet. She's the cheekiest of the lot.... and oh she just simply loves the camera. My handphone is overloaded with her pics... 90% are hers!!!

Syukrina, is the eldest. She's a vivacious 24-year old lady and will be off to Jakarta soon to join an oil and gas company based there. Don't be fooled by her sweet angelic looks there for she sure is one helluva tough cookie hahaha. Being the eldest she 'bullies' her siblings... yup yup yup... but she's a darling. I'm going to miss you dear.

Syuhaidah is the youngest. This 16 year old baby is another tough cookie. Do not step on her toes if you do not wish to taste Syuhaidah's wrath!! A very independent gal... she has a mind of her own. Not as talkative as the other 2 but once you get to know her... she's crappy. Haha in fact... they are all crappy... just like mummy dearest.... muahahaha *sinister laughter*

My 1 and only second child... Syahmi Rezza. He's 22 and is now flying high with Air Asia. The joker in the family... he does things he's not supposed to do sometimes... maybe just to test mama's patience *sigh*. He bullies his younger sisters but has to keep his peace with Syukrina hahaha
Finally, Nazreen whom I've taken as 1 of my own. He came into our lives some 3 years ago. His path just crossed ours 1 fine day and somehow he has managed to weave his way into my heart.
You people... you are my pride and joy. Thank you God for their presence.


Ana Rashid said...

Kak Nora, has it been THAT long since I last caught up with your princesses??? Gosh, even Syakirah is now all of 16...what the heck, Raihanah will soon be 10!

Nora's Touch said... Syakirah is 18 going 19... my Syuhaidah is the one who is 16...ish ish ish... yup time flies...I'm not getting any older though... just ripening to a good matured age.... muahahahaha

Ana Rashid said...

Kak Nora, check out this blog

Nora's Touch said...

Gosh Ana... I salute Nancy. She's just so full of ideas... highly creative. Thanks for the blog.

abah said...

Assalamualaikum Nora. It had been years since we met. The last time was at the 4th College and the girls were really small then. And now they have really grown up. Time flies! Nice blog and beautiful crafts. Guess your house must be like heaven! Congratulations.

Nora's Touch said...

Salam Mat, thanks for dropping by.

Yup! My house is like heaven... but a messy heaven hahaha. I feel good and that's very rewarding. And yes.... my girls are young ladies now... I do wonder when we will ever meet again.

InsyaAllah... 1 fine day...

ira said...

salam aunty..baru je tgk entry ni.. comel2 dan lawa2 anak aunty.. syakirah nampak sgt sweet..she really looks like aunty.. syukrina pulak nampak gorgeous :).. syuhaidah nampak manja dan comel walaupn dia independent..hehe..

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