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Sunday, December 21, 2008

What the experts say...

Hello all... I've been off-colour lately. Didn't do much painting except for the occasional base coating and running classes. I find that when I'm depressed or angry... I can still paint (oh boy!!! can I paint hahaha)...but when I'm under the weather with some kind of bug cruising in my blood stream.... that's it!!! It kills the mood for everything...the whole system became lethargic or totally shutdown indefinitely!!!! However... I did do some readings and I'm going to share here what the experts say.... about painting la of course!!!!

Ann Kingslan said that to be a good painter, you need to have 4 things :
  • Desire - you can become a good painter if YOU want to be one!
  • Dedication - to become good it's very necessary to make the time to PRACTISE
  • Determination - it helps you stick with painting and overcome your painting problems with a difference
  • Money - ah yes! money.... it enables you to buy quality painting products.... the best that you can afford... don't stinge or scrooge!!!!
So how to perfect your painting skills?
  • Always take a few minutes to see and assess how much your work has improved over time
  • Look for ways you can make it look even better - attend classes with different teachers, look out for workshops, seminars and conventions (local and/or overseas), buy AND read ... can't put more empahasis on that!!! Most of us just buy for the sake of looking at the pics....yup...yours truly falls in that category too muahahaha!!!!
  • Simply continue to paint, you'll improve with time and practise (experience is the best teacher!). In the process you are bound to come up with something terrific... believe you me... I'm talking thru experience here!!! Practise! Practise! Practise!!!!
  • Bear in mind.... Decorative Painting is a wonderful challenge! Keeps your mind active and away from senility... InsyaAllah (God Willing!).... have fun la...
Anyway...Ginger Edwards also said that by enjoying what you will excel. Enjoying your paintings, studying them and exposing yourself to different view points, and then incorporating the best elements of these paintings into your own will help you advance.

However, you do need patience. You don't just become a fantastic cook overnight, nor do you immediately paint masterpieces. You need to experiment, and then sit back and evaluate what you've done. Evaluating is what makes you improve.

So there... hopefully, my dear friends.... if you are into decorative painting... bear in mind that patience, perseverance and practise makes you a great painter :)

Happy painting ya....

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