This other blog (see link below) was created to display my decorative items for sale. However as time passes by, the time to paint for sale just eluded me

No special reason as to why I still have this blog... maybe it's just to remind me..... that's where and how I started to be where I am now :)

All items shown are hand-painted personally by yours truly... but now I focus on commissioned jobs. So, I do take orders... but the queue is long... sorry :( .... but if you are willing to wait in the queue... I'm more than obliged to paint for you..... It would be an honour!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Long hiatus :(

Since the last solo workshop, I had been unproductive. Seemed like all energy had been sapped out from within me ... and to top it all ... the fasting does not help in creating any enthusiasm in painting!!!

Finally last week I managed to get something done for Salmi. Completed her 2 shelves with a local flower, the bunga kangkung (sorry don't know what it is in english hehehe). Made them a mirror-image of the other on the shelves.

Then yesterday.... I finally found the courage and confidence to paint tea cups on her WHITE LACY LINEN tablecloth. Courage? Yup ... there was this nagging fear that I would spoil and mess up the piece!!! ...and today ... it's all done :)) A tea cup at each of the 4 corners of the 6-seater tablecloth.... and if I may add ... am mighty pleased with the result *pat pat pat on the shoulder*

So that's it for now ... until my next bout of painting mood ... have a great weekend ahead ...

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