This other blog (see link below) was created to display my decorative items for sale. However as time passes by, the time to paint for sale just eluded me

No special reason as to why I still have this blog... maybe it's just to remind me..... that's where and how I started to be where I am now :)

All items shown are hand-painted personally by yours truly... but now I focus on commissioned jobs. So, I do take orders... but the queue is long... sorry :( .... but if you are willing to wait in the queue... I'm more than obliged to paint for you..... It would be an honour!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

OMG.... how time flies... :(

T'was a busy Saturday for me. Had the demo at Amcorp Mall earlier in the day... then later in the evening had a small 'reunion' with my past.... met up with our students....

Datin Zainab (centre), Muli and I were teachers in SMK Dato' Harun some 20 years ago. Received an sms from Muli saying that Datin Zainab wishes to meet up with us... teachers and students alike. God... 'lil ole me became excited and readily agreed to meet up hehehe.... Hey... I just met up with my school chums batch '75 last July ... this definitely is another opportunity I'd not miss!!!!

Well... Muli...bless her ... made the necessary calls and managed to gather 7 of us.... 4 students and 3 teachers. We met at Secret Recipe TTDI at around 4.00pm... and when the boys came in ... I couldn't recognise any of them!!!! They couldn't recognise me either because they said I've changed... but they do remember me upon introduction. Hahaha... apparently I made an impact on them... as I was one of the very garang cikgu!!!! I sure hope it was a good impact tho'... muahahaha.... but I am embarassed since my memory failed me...I just couldn't recall my past with them. *Sigh* very sad.... old age IS catching up with me!!!! *sob*... but it was a good feeling.... to be remembered after all these years. Thank you boys.... you made me feel special...

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